Friday, May 26, 2017

CrafTreat Stencil Release 1


                This post is about our release 1, which is going to be a set of stencils!! We have some unique fresh designs and they are so tempting to use in your projects!!

  1. Ink, Paint, Stains, Sprays, Pigment Powders
  2. Texture, Modeling, Embossing Paste.
  3. Air Brushing, Glittering, Bleaching, Sponging, Chalking
  4. Heat embossing, Stamping & Resist techniques.
  5. Dry embossing
  6. Mixed media techiques
Use them on Fabrics, Paper, Wall Artefacts, Vessels and more
       Wash the stencils immediately, after use. Clean them with soap water.

We all know how to use the above stencils.. But we are giving more fodder for your creativity!! Our 2 Step stencils enables you to go further and gives you more possibilities of enhancing your project look!!

Craftreat 2 Step Criss Cross Stencil

CrafTreat 2 Step Lattice Flower Stencil

CrafTreat 2 Step Butterfly Stencil

Arent they so alluring? Still pondering about buying our stencils?!! We have some great reasons, why you should shop for our them!!

All the above Craftreat products are available for Resellers and Retails at discounted price. So, if you wish to stock them, contact us at

Good News for all crafters!! You can now purchase them at The Craft Shop website !! Yay!!!
We would love to see your creations using our products! So do share them with us in our Social Media and participate in our contests here!!

We are going to be mesmerizing you, with beautiful inspirations from Design Team, we area gonna be announcing soon!! Keep watching!!

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Launching Indian Craft Brand - CRAFTREAT!!

Craftreat is an Indian Craft Brand by The Craft Shop, aiming to provide Premium quality Craft Supplies at the Best prices in India!!! We are on the constant research to find, what people require and our goals are to exceed your expectations!

We have planned to release lots of new products and we are working on them!! We assure you, they will be a delight to your crafting flair!!

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